Grown Ups Color Too!

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When you haven’t done so you may wish to try your coloring techniques on a new hobby called coloring for adults. Its popularity started out as means of occupying your idle time while traveling or waiting your turn for an appointment at the physician’s or dentist’s office.

This new craze has gone beyond its use for doodling or a kind of activity for comfort, or an activity for the older. Hobbyists are finding this to be a fun activity and are utilizing their finished art pieces in craft projects.

People that are contemplating art or find they have a potential or interest in learning how to draw and colour find that this new hobby interest is assisting and building their confidence to progress their art training.

The first book we purchased had 39 images of mandala drawings. A small box of basic coloring pens started our experience. We worked with the primary colors of orange, red, blue, green, purple. Black, white, and a few different tints that were in the small box. The initial starting stage began with the techniques of our elementary school years. The instructions included the color wheel which we began paying attention to after becoming bored with the basic colors.

As you follow tips for warm and cool colors one starts to understand how colors provide contrast or compliment each other. The emotional side benefits of tranquility and immediate rewards encourage learning.

The mandala drawings, which are circles filled with geometric patterns, change their look with selected colors. There might be three of you coloring and every one of you will have a unique kaleidoscopic view because of the color choices made by each person.

If you are anything like me, I started downloading free examples offered by artists situated Online.

Clean and dry
Buy coloring books San Marcos Wildlife Removal
Download from the Internet
Make your own drawings or sketches
No added equipment or accessories
There are different sizes of boxed colored pens available. We started with a small box and learned how to combine colors to increase tint variety. Later we bought larger boxes to get more variety, but still found that we like mixing colours to get the hue that is just right for the job.
Coloring is a fun hobby; try it, you may like it.

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