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We offer a variety of products.

Why choose Little Buddy Media?

There are more than 150 Website design companies in Oregon alone. What sets one company apart from the next? It is vital that the company you select fully understands your intentions, and in which direction you would like to take your enterprise.

We do this because we love it. Little Buddy Media is a family-run business which was created as a way to formally share our hobby with those in the community of Corvallis, and others throughout the State of Oregon. This is not our primary source of income, allowing us to keep prices low; we do this first-and-foremost because we enjoy seeing local businesses thrive.

We are local. We are not a global corporation, we are not a multi-national conglomerate, and we are not a group of East Coast artists who recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest. We are Oregonians. We were raised in Oregon. This is our home, and we have a vested interest in seeing our local communities thrive.

We are good at what we do. With a formal education received right here in Oregon, and more than 10 years experience successfully developing professional-quality websites, we understand the art and science necessary to successfully present your company to potential customers.

We keep things fun!  Utilizing today's technologies to expand one's business should be an enjoyable experience.  We make sure that you are not overwhelmed by computer jargon or terminology, yet we take great care in ensuring that you understand the concepts behind each step of the process.

Services offered:
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Graphic Design
Graphic Design

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Website Design
Video Scrapbooks
Video Scrapbooks
Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration


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